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Letter from the Editor

By Samera Alyosfi ’25

October 24, 2022

Dear Readers, 

Welcome to the first issue of Bristol Central High School’s Ram Page, in the school year of 2022-2023! Our newspaper is completely digital, cutting down on costs and environmental harm, as well as providing easy access to our readers. With that, we are able to include quality photography, videography, digital art, and much more. Under the supervision and guidance of our wonderful advisor, Ms. Callahan, we are completely student-run and have much freedom over what we contribute! 

Expanding on what content to expect, we have a wide range of features. Our student contributors work in both independent and collaborative processes to write, illustrate, record, and report on different topics. Our paper will include poems, articles, photos, videos, interviews, sections with insight on courses and extracurricular activities, advice columns, and more as ideas flow! Again, every piece is created by one of our fellow peers, which is very exciting!

With our Instagram page, @RamPageWeekly, we can include exclusive features which you can check and participate in!

As an extension of our monthly paper, we also have an Instagram page @RamPageWeekly. There, we plan to post weekly, and even daily. Engagement is essential, and so it is very helpful to have a platform where we can publish more frequently. With our Instagram page, we can include exclusive features which you can check and participate in! Some ideas in the works include photo submissions for photo dumps, student surveys/polls, weekly birthday shout-outs, on-the-run interviews, supporting other extracurricular pages, etc. Our goal is to engage with and become a resource to our community, helping students and staff feel connected. 

Of course, we are always looking for student contributors. If you are interested in photography, videography, illustration, creative writing, reporting, and interviewing, you may also enjoy the creative and collaborative space that is Ram Page!

We at Ram Page look forward to interacting with our school community and sharing the stories of those within it. Expect to hear and see from us very often throughout the school year!


Samera Alyosfi ’25


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