Artwork by Elizabeth Phan ’23

Halloween Poem

By Serenity Fortier ’25

What a monstrosity 

Everyone  walking downtown with curiosity 

Little do they know what they are participating in

Even the sight of it would look like a sin 

The dead of night 

What everyone fears 

Is highly anticipated 

And prowling near, 

Come, Come, please take a treat! 

Is what all the decor says lined down the street 

Little do the children know what the candy will do

It tastes good then suddenly bites back at you 

The decor is no longer fake 

The children’s screams appear to shake 

Goblins, witches, ghosts and ghouls floating above 

All slowly coming down creating big thuds 

All laughing and giggling at your impending doom 

When all of a sudden it was gloom 

This is the night of halloween 

Where everything that happens is unforeseen 

Photo by Designecologist on Pexels.com

The Beauty of Fall

By Shanell Haye ’24

As hot summer days become distant, some might find the setting bleak 

From warm days spent getting tans at the beach, to freezing times spent locked inside 

But the most consistent aspect of nature is it’s beauty

In Autumn, one should enjoy the vibrant colors that rest on the trees

Hues of red, orange and yellow that bustle with the light breeze

Occasionally getting swept away in the current, revealing webs of dark branches on trees

Rain becomes more persistent, and the sky is often painted gray 

But surely, if you took an image it would be quite the mesmerizing scene

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