Mr. Greenleaf


Mr. Greenleaf started teaching at BCHS in ’73

50 years with Mr. Greenleaf by Colin Cavallari ’23

This will be Mr. Greenleaf’s 50th year teaching at Bristol Central. People know he teaches math, but not everyone knows about the many other things he does for our community. Mr. Greenleaf was a senior at the original Bristol Central at Memorial (Boulevard now known as BAIMS) when the current Bristol Central was being built. When Mr. Greenleaf was a freshman at UConn, they voted to name the new school, “Bristol Southern.” This would be because the other school (Bristol Eastern) was being built in the east and Bristol Central is in the south of Bristol. Mr. Greenleaf wanted to keep the same name, color, and name of the old school in the new building, so he wrote a letter to the editor of the Bristol Press. The rest of the Senior and Junior classes convinced the Board of Ed to keep Bristol Central the same as it was before.

After Graduating College, Mr. Greenleaf worked full time for the Bristol Press as acting social editor, obituary editor, wedding and bridal editor, city editor, and once the Terryville editor. Mr. Greenleaf currently writes a high school sports wrap up every week. Mr. Greenleaf started teaching in 1973 at Bristol Central teaching algebra. His third year working at Bristol Central the teachers went on strike for 4 days. Mr. Greenleaf is the faculty manager along with being the webmaster, school governance committee chairmen, running GX Club. He was also once track and freshman soccer coach and math department chairman. He takes photos for all three seasons of sports which are displayed in the slide shows at banquets. Mr. Greenleaf is also the state chairman of the American Legion and of Boys State.

And here are some of Mr. Greenleaf’s interesting facts: 

  • Class advisor for 12 classes starting in 1976, the same year as the Bi-centennial where the school buried a time capsule in the courtyard. 
  • He took the band and choir to Europe. 
  • He is heading to his 100th class prom as a chaperone. 
Mr. Greenleaf (photo provided by Mr. Horan)

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