A Short Valentine’s Poem

By Samera Alyosfi ’25

Three sweet and pink

Two clean and white

One red, and slightly wilted

I’ve waited ten, maybe fifteen, to send a “Hello”

To send a thank you.

I know I’ve told you once and to your face, 

But in the event you forgot, just in case

I’d like to thank you for my six flowers.

Thank you for your conversation and for your laughs

I come to you with one question, and I leave far off track.

Thank you for noticing and remembering

By my heart, it truly means everything. 

Thank you for being yourself in the way that you are

I look to you in the way that I look at the stars.

I say this all out loud as I trim stems.

You really didn’t have to, 

The water fills the glass.

But you did.

Finally, I place all six, and in this order:

One, two, three sweet and pink

One, two clean and white

One red, and slightly wilted

With this Valentine’s, I have six flowers

And for you, I have my heart and a thank you. 

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com