A Note from the Editor-in-Chief

Samera Alyosfi is a sophomore at Bristol Central.

Doing More at Bristol Central

Dear readers, 

With the new year comes both new beginnings and new material from Ram Page! Recently, we’ve been having discussions on more current issues in the world and in our community. A pressing question we came upon: what can we do to maintain a clean environment in Bristol? Well, we would have to start in our schools and in our recycling bins. When was the last time you checked to see if a bin was meant for trash or recyclable materials? That’s where our problem comes in. In the spirit of improvement within ourselves and our community, we need to open ourselves to knowledge. We need to start caring more about our future, especially as the younger generation. Quicker than we think, the world will be left in our hands and we’ll have to deal with it as it is. To ensure we even have that future, we need to become more mindful. 

In the year of 2023, and in only just a couple of months, our Senior class of ‘23 will graduate and we’ll welcome in a new round of Freshmen! Course selection for the 2023-2024 school year has arrived. Things are moving along, and very quickly. Look to grow, look to change, and look to get through this year as a version of yourself that you are proud of. A piece of advice: trust in yourself to do what is best for you, the seed you plant today will one day be a tree. 

As we progress through the year, we’ll introduce more weighted topics to our paper, hoping to spark discussion and possibly change. What do you want to see on Ram Page? You can leave comments on both our website and our instagram page for suggestions or ideas you have for content. Additionally, if you are interested in joining the school newspaper, contact Ms. Callahan at katherinecallahan@bristolk12.org


Samera Alyosfi

Editor In Chief

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