The Fun of Festivus

A Wininger Classic

By Maura waters ’25

11 years ago, Bristol Central held its first Festivus. Believe it or not, Festivus wasn’t intended to come this far, or even be a thing in the first place! It all started in 2011, Mr. Wininger’s first year as principal. On the day of the pep rally, there was a bomb threat that put everyone out of spirits, and the school had to miss the pep rally since they were in lock down. The whole school was disappointed about not having a pep rally, especially seniors, cheerleaders and dancers, football players, or anyone else who had been practicing and looking forward to this moment. However, Mr. Wininger promised he’d make it up to the kids; little did he know how much of an impact this choice would make on the school community. He quickly threw together a holiday themed day with fun games. As Mr. Wininger puts it, “…kids loved it and it stuck”. 

Covid-19 had changed how the school celebrated Festivus for a couple years; whether it was online or in school but limited, Mr. Winniger still had some form of celebration. This year however, you can expect to have a normal Festivus. Taking a look into Festivus this year, Mr. Winniger gave a sneak peek as to what you can expect: 

“Pencils, temporary tattoos, t-shirts, shenanigans” 

Let’s get pumped and show our school spirit for the 11th Festivus at BCHS!

Pictures taken by Mr. Greenleaf