Powder Puff 2022


Make-A-Wish-Foundation Fund Raiser

By Samera Alyosfi ’25

I’m sure you’ve heard of BCHS’ annual Powder Puff football game on the announcements, on social media, in the hallways, and in your classrooms.. So, what is Powder Puff football? 

Every year, the InterAct club holds a flag football game where girls from each class play against each other. To support them, there is a boys’ cheer team. All of this is done to raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Connecticut. Typically, the game is held on a November day with donuts, coffee, and hot cocoa being sold. However, this year’s game looked much different from previous years.

Preparing for the Big Game

To organize and spread information efficiently, there was an initial meeting with all interested players, coaches, and cheerleaders. Central’s football players coached their respective class’s team of girls, cheerleaders coached the boy’s cheer team, and all four classes had two advisors to keep track of money collecting. From there, each team could schedule their own practices. 

Many coaches and players explained that this was a learning experience for them. Some girls joined with very little to no understanding of football, and the coaches had to learn what would be the most effective way to teach their players. During those initial practices, the teams focused on finding out where their players’ strengths were. As time progressed, they began to focus on their plays. [Funnily, some coaches were worried I would share their plans with other teams.] Attending these practices, I watched many moments of learning, frustration, and celebration, overall an incredible growth and collaborative experience between peers. It was uplifting to see faces light up and teammates congratulating each other for their successes. 

When interviewing players they told me that their practices were nothing short of fun and that they had genuinely learned and were enjoying their time. Coaches also had much praise for their teams, expressing confidence in their chances of winning. From both popping into these practices and watching the final game, it was apparent that much time and hard work was spent by each team. 

The 2022 Powder Puff football game took place on Friday, December 2nd from 4-6 PM. This year with the usual Dunkin Donuts stand, there was also a spirit stand where players and cheerleaders could stop by for some glitter, pink hairspray, and face paint. There was also a great sound system set up by students! Once most players had arrived in their team’s shirts, the spirit stand had been converted into a raffle table. By the time the game had started, the sun had set and the field lights had been turned on. 

1st round: Freshmen v. Juniors – FRESHMEN WON 0-14

2nd round: Sophomores v. Seniors – SENIORS WON 8-6

The boys’ cheer team gave an amazing halftime performance of flips, stunts, and dance moves backed by a mashup of music- praise to the boys and their cheer coaches! [The ending was absolutely amazing]

3rd round: Freshmen v. Seniors – SENIORS WON 8-0

Consolation round: Sophomores v. Juniors – JUNIORS WON 12-0


Congratulations to the Seniors, you played phenomenally. And congratulations to the Freshman team, who for the first time in all of BCHS’ Powder Puff football history, made it to the final round! 

Photos by Luke Losacano, Danny Funk, Mr. Horan, and Mr. Greenleaf

In comparison to past years, there was a large turnout of people in the stands as well as participants in the event. Typically, Powder Puff raises about $1000. This year however, the total amount of money fundraised was around $1800-$2000, all of which will be donated to the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Connecticut. Overall, the game was a huge success and a very fun time!

Ending Notes

I feel the greatest part of reporting on Powder Puff was observing the progress and community throughout practices and up to the game. Getting interviews and photos of the teams during practice was very exciting, you could tell just when everyone was enjoying themselves. Seeing the large turnout, sharing laughs with others, and seeing about $2000 raised for charity was such a special experience. This reminded me most of what great things students are capable of doing in their extracurriculars. I most definitely look forward to reporting on next year’s Powder Puff game!