Creativity Within You

  • By Nik VanBeveren ’25

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    Creativity is an important trait to have, but how do you know you have it? You may have creativity within you and you don’t even realize it. Being creative doesn’t have to be correlated with a specific thing, it can be anything! It can come in a bunch of different shapes and sizes. From a freshly painted piece of art to that funny joke that you told your friends, these are examples of different forms of creativity. What I’m really trying to get at here is that creativity is an important and useful part of life and that it can be shown in ways that you might not even realize.

    …being creative is when you make a grilled cheese you put ham on the inside, or you dip it in tomato soup.

    Ms. Smith

    There are a lot of unique ways that you can be creative but if you think you’re not creative, I’m sure that isn’t the truth. Foods & Nutrition teacher Ms. Smith says,  “Some people will say things like I’m not creative because they think I don’t make things, but being creative is when you make a grilled cheese you put ham on the inside, or you dip it in tomato soup.” I find this to be a perfect example of how creativity doesn’t always have to be one specific thing. Throwing ham in your grilled cheese is a way to mix up what you’re doing and really show the creativity that is within you. Another great example comes from our principal, Mr. Wininger. He explained to me; “Whether it’s a piece of art or music or a gift of kindness, everybody has the ability to be creative in certain ways to help society.”

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    • “I think that people might not inherently think that they are creative but the little things that we do every day make us creative, making up a joke or making up a story to your friends, that’s being creative” -Ms. Smith
    • The essence of it is coming up with some sort of new idea, whether it’s based on something that’s already existing but taking it and then changing it and just being unique in what you’re doing” –Mrs. Fernandez
    • Creativity is a very important and valuable trait to have for life in general. For example, if you want to have a career in foods, having that creativity is a good skill to have. Ms. Smith explained, “People aren’t just gonna want little tarts with nothing on them to come out, right, we want to be creative, we want them to look appealing, so yeah there has to be some sort of creativity.” Creativity is something that will be very beneficial for you in the long run, I’m sure that being creative will benefit you for most (if not all) professions out there in the world.
    • To wrap this article up, there is a lot more creativity within you than you might realize. You should challenge yourself and take a really good look at yourself to find out what really brings out your passion and your creative side. Everybody can have a creative side, it just needs to be found. Remember, don’t put pressure on yourself, it won’t come as quickly as you might want it to. I really appreciate you reading this far. I want to thank Ms. Smith, Mrs. Fernandez, and Mr. Wininger very much for making this article possible. 

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