Coffee Anyone?

Do you want a BC coffee stand?


Hello, Bristol Central Rams! We are working toward the idea of getting a coffee stand in our school. We’ve talked to the nurses and Mrs. Hertzler, both saying it’s a possibility for the future. Various students have talked to us about it, some saying “I’ll definitely stop by…it’s definitely something new, the only other selling of drinks I heard of was Anchor Nutrition and it was marketed on social media.” This idea definitely has a lot of potential. I know a lot of coffee drinkers and people would like it. It would be open to students and staff, plus we come here at 7:30 which is pretty early with seven hours of work, coffee would be nice. Many other students are talking about how they would go and get coffee every day. It is definitely something that may happen in the future, and something to be excited about!

By Serenity Fortier ’25 &. Miguel Salguero ’25

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