Editor-in-Chief’s Note

Samera’s tips for thriving as a student during the winter!

Dear Readers, 

The holiday season is upon us! With this launch, we have combined November and December into one issue due to holiday breaks. Since our last release, we had a pep rally, the fall sports season has ended, we at Ram Page have some ideas for fundraisers, our Instagram page (@RamPageWeekly) has a plush ram mascot, and much more! While we do have some recurring features like the event calendar, we have many fresh pieces for you to enjoy: insight on BAIMS, a piece on the importance of creativity in classrooms, origins of BCHS’ Festivus, Powder Puff reporting, and others you should check out.

Winter is a very eventful time, both in and out of school. Along with annual holidays, the first semester will soon end, also marking the midterm week. As important as it is to stay on top of school, make sure you are taking care of yourself! It can definitely get overwhelming at times. But time will pass, and where you are now may look different from where you look in the near future. Keep a level head, be objective with goals, and remember that growth and learning are not always linear. With that, I wish you all the best of luck and a wonderful break!

What do you want to see on Ram Page? You can leave comments on both our website and our Instagram page for suggestions or ideas you have for content. Additionally, if you are interested in joining the school newspaper, contact Ms. Callahan at @katherinecallahan@bristolk12.org


Samera Alyosfi


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